Video Projections: (la) horde

CCN — Ballet national de Marseille

Wednesday 16 November

through Friday 17 December


Non-stop Projection. Total duration: 98 minutes

Photo 1: Roow With A View © Aude Arago/ Photos 2 & 3: The Master’s Tools/ Photos 4 & 5: Cultes/ Photos 6 & 7: Cloud Chasers © Stephane Perche/ Photos 8 & 9: Novaciéries

The CCN-Ballet National de Marseille is now directed by the collective (LA)HORDE, composed of Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel. Visual arts, electronic music, post-internet dance, and new collaborations are all areas that the 22 dancers of the CCN-Ballet de Marseille are exploring under this new leadership.
At the CCN¹, (LA)HORDE will present a series of videos emblematic of their artistic approach: Novaciéries (2015), Bondy (2017), Cloud Chasers (2016), The Master’s Tools (2017), To Da Bone (2017), Cults (2019), Room With A View (2020).

  • Exposition vidéo

    du tuesday 16 november
    au friday 17 december 2021

    Exposition vidéo de (LA)HORDE - CCN Ballet national de Marseille