Je suis tous les dieux by Marion Carriau

Saturday June 18th, 3 pm

Festival En pratiques #4 in the town of Vatan
(1 place Pillain 36150 Vatan)
– Young audience version
From 7 years old.
Duration 40 minutes
Participation free, reservation necessary

© Léa Mercier

Partner of the Vatan festival since its inception, the CCNO continues to support La Pratique, an artistic workshop located in Indre and directed by choreographer Cécile Loyer. This year its festival is dedicated to young audiences. In collaboration with La Pratique, CCN1 presents the solo Je suis tous les dieux [I am all the gods] by Marion Carriau in its version for young audiences.

Marion Carriau invites us into a phantasmagorical world where words, gestures and music intermingle. In the course of her metamorphoses and her tales, she conjures up magical characters and sacred figures. Je suis tous les dieux is a choreographic tale conceived as a bridge between contemporary choreography and traditional Indian dance.

The full program of the Festival En pratiques is available at:

Marion Carriau
“I founded the association Mirage in 2016 and my first solo, Je suis tous les dieux, premiered in December 2018 at the CCN de Tours. Chêne Centenaire, a duet choreographed and performed by Magda Kachouche and myself premiered in December 2021 at the CCN de Tours. After my dance studies at the National Centre for Contemporary Dance (CNDC) in Angers, I collaborated as a performer with different choreographers including Mohammed Shafik, Les Gens d’uterpan, Mylène Benoit, Arthur Perole, Julien Prévieux and Laurent Goldring. In 2011, I met Joanne Leighton and have been involved in the creation of most of her pieces since then. In parallel, I have been training in bharata natyam at the Mandapa Center since 2009, with Vydia who is still my teacher to this day.”
  • Spectacle

    saturday 18 june 2022

    La Pratique à Vatan (36)
    Je suis tous les dieux - version jeune public de Marion Carriau