Saturday Brunch
with Alexandre Da Silva and Elise Chauvin

Bruch Workshop with Alexandre Da Silva et Elise Chauvin, artistic collaborators for Chêne Centenaire by Marion Carriau and Magda Kachouche

Saturday 13 November, 11am–1pm

— 10€
Registration necessary
For children 6 years old and older

The term “possitopia” is the perfect opposite of the word “dystopia”. A possitopia is a story of possibilities, the imaginary story of a world that tends towards the light. The Possitopias Brunch is a body and voice workshop focusing on the principles of Chêne Centenaire.

Thursday 18 November

Public opening of Chêne Centenaire by Marion Carriau and Magda Kachouche
Free Admittance

Alexandre Da Silva
In parallel with his studies in literature, Alexandre Da Silva studied at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (CNDC) in Angers. His path as a performer led him to encounter a variety of aesthetic approaches, notably with Sylvie Pabiot, Jonathan Schatz, Manolie Soysouvanh and Matthias Poisson, Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau, Yuval Pick, Perrine Valli, les gens d’Uterpan, Joanne Leighton, Arthur Perole, Thibaud Le Maguer, Mylène Benoit, and Catherine Contour. He co-created Simulation(s), a performance based on visual images, and simultaneously participated in the program Transforme at the Royaumont Abbey, where the Migration(s) project emerged. He then created Monuments in partnership with the CAC Brétigny and Fragments for the launch of 13/13.

Elise Chauvin
is an opera singer who has dedicated herself to creating new works for many years. She regularly performs on international and European stages. In addition, she regularly accompanies actors and dancers in their voice work. The voice is our own material, an intimate instrument. It allows us to communicate, to express ourselves through sounds, songs or words. I will present a workshop centred on the voice, its body and space. How to recognise this voice which is ours. How to make our body sing.