Dance classes
Saturday moRNing
with Anne-Sophie Lancelin

March 2021

Online courses

from 11h to 12h30

with Anne-Sophie Lancelin

This weekly class is for amateurs who wish to practice contemporary dance on a regular basis. Both technical and creative, the Saturday morning course is given by the same instructor throughout the semester.

Duration 1h, with ZOOM
5 € contribution (online booking)


“Each workshop develops a different theme and is structured in three different phases. It begins with a physical preparation, followed by the transmission of a short choreography or the sharing of various documents (music, images, texts…) and ends with a series of improvisations during which everyone can experiment and create their own dance. The preparation allows one to move consciously while exploring the theme of the workshop. The documents chosen and the dances created specifically for each session stimulate the improvisations. The precise choreographic proposals lead them through different states of the body and the imagination. “Anne-Sophie Lancelin

Calendrier :

13/03/2021, 11h-12h30 - ONLINE
20/03/2021, 11h-12h30 - ONLINE
27/03/2021, 11h-12h30 - ONLINE
03/04/2021, 11h-13h
10/04/2021, 11h-13h
22/05/2021, 11h-13h
29/05/2021, 11h-13h
12/06/2021, 11h-13h
19/06/2021, 11h-13h
24/06/2021, 18h30-20h30
01/07/2021, 18h30-20h30
08/07/2021, 18h30-20h30

Anne-Sophie Lancelin
begins early to practice dance and viola. She studied contemporary dance at the CNR at Lille and then at the CNSM in Paris. Since 2006, she has been working with several choreographers, focusing on long-term collaborations, such as Thomas Lebrun, Josef Nadj, Daniel Dobbels, Christine Gérard, Aurélie Berland as well as Emanuela Nelli and the composer Alain Mahé within the Association Méharées. In 2020, she created the Euphorbia Company which enabled her to continue her choreographic work undertaken in previous co-creations, such as the duo Atem with Josef Nadj or the duo Tristes encore with the writer Marc Blanchet. She is currently creating a solo entitled Persona which will be shown at the Festival Faits d’hiver in Paris in January 2022 and for which she is collaborating with the composer Lucas Fagin and the sculptor Denis Monfleur. She has given dance workshops for several years at l’Espal in Le Mans and frequently makes interventions in relation to the creations in which she dances. Parallel to dance, she writes poems, her collection Où la tête s’est perdue has just been published in the magazine L’Étrangère.