Dance classes
Saturday morning
with Johanna Levy

November 2020

Online classes

Saturdays from 11am to 12pm - NEW SCHEDULE

with Johanna Levy

“I would like to meet you on Saturday morning if you feel like sharing a moment together, as a family, as a couple, in your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom or your garden. Let’s kick up the walls, let’s jump, let’s shout, if we can’t get out, we’ll release a dancing and powerful energy, with a slight madness…” — Johanna Levy

Online Course Calendar :

Saturday, November 7, 11am-12pm
Saturday, November 14, 11am-12pm
Saturday, November 21, 11am-12pm
Saturday, November 28, 11am-12pm

Duration 1h, with ZOOM
5 € contribution (online booking)

Saturdays from 11 am to 13pm

From September to December 2020

Free tryout sessions :

Saturday, September 26, 2020,
10am – 11am ou 11:30am – 12:30pm

This weekly class is for amateurs who wish to practice contemporary dance on a regular basis. Both technical and creative, the Saturday morning course is given by the same instructor throughout the semester.


Calendar :

26/09/2020, 10h - 11h or 11h30 - 12h30 (tryout session)
10/10/2020, 11am-1pm
07/11/2020, 11am-12pm - NEW SCHEDULE / ONLINE
14/11/2020, 11am-12pm - NEW SCHEDULE / ONLINE
21/11/2020, 11am-12pm - NEW SCHEDULE / ONLINE
28/11/2020, 11am-12pm - NEW SCHEDULE / ONLINE
05/12/2020, 11am-1pm
12/12/2020, 11am-1pm with Luc Verbitzky, dancer of CCN — Ballet de Lorraine

The career of Johanna Levy, choreographer of the company Ten, places her on the cutting edge between dance and theatre, with a strong influence from film. By examining the role of the audience, she creates work offering a perspective on dance, while encouraging active engagement from spectators. To achieve this, she directs her research directly related to the occupation of space by bodies in movement, examining how to explore angle of view and occupation of space.

After a global warm up of the body, in her class she invites us to encounter movement by different means, including manipulation, improvisation – alone, in pairs or in a group – and even the repetition of simple, rhythmic movements. She uses several methods of improvisation, always juxtaposing approaches with each other so as to lose sight of neither theatricality nor interaction between the participants.

!! NEW !!

Price per unit :
10 € / 8 € Scène nationale card
CCN¹ subscription Card: 5th workshop offered!

Saturday morning classes are individual classes until December 2020 and are included in the subscription card.
Semester registration will resume in March 2021.

Johanna Levy
studied dance at the Conservatoire de Lyon, at Maurice Béjart’s school in Switzerland and graduated with a university master’s degree in Performing Arts at Paris VIII. She spent a few years in London dancing for various companies, and toured internationally for eight years with the American company Troika Ranch, based in New York and Berlin. Back in France, she collaborated with the visual artist Alex Ceccetti, the contortionist Raphaëlle Boitel, the director Laureline Collavizza, and the choreographers Gaëtan Brun Picard, Emilio Calcagno and Thomas Chopin. She created her Compagnie Ten in 2013 and is part of the emerging choreographic landscape. She delights in discovering her own identity and originality. With the help of her loyal collaborators, she is able to explore her choreographic style focusing on the physical and emotional states that unfold around a particular situation.