The CCN¹ is holding a dance workshop in partnership with the SUAPSE and Le Bouillon, the Cultural Center of the University of Orléans. This year, it will be taught by Eva Klimackova and Céline Angibaud, from the company E7KA. The workshop is an invitation to discover a new choreographic universe and a new creative process. It proposes a journey through different choreographic processes, giving rise at the end to a public performance of the work carried out. The workshop is open to all, with no minimum required level: students, university employees and teachers, residents of the La Source district. The program was jointly developed with Valérie Bruez, instructor at SUAPSE.

Every Monday 6-8pm, September through February 2020
Upstairs on the 1st floor, in the dance studio of the University Gymnasium,
2 allée du Château, Orléans.
First workshop: 23 September 2019
Public presentation: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at Le Bouillon,
opening the evening for Eva Klimackova’s choreography Traces.

Tarif: 55€
Free of charge for students and university staff.