For teachers and professionals involved in arts and cultural education projects: FOrMation

Anaïs Loison-Bouvet, dance researcher
Marion Blondeau, performer
Jeanne Vallauri, et Mary Chebbah, choreographers and editors of the published collection “dançer”

From January through May 2021

5 workshops 6-9pm


The CCNO invites teachers and other professionals involved in artistic and cultural education and mediation projects (facilitator, educator, mediator, public relations personnel) to take part in this workshop. Its goal is to help you introduce choreographic tools into pedagogical projects.
The course is composed of 5 workshops combining theory and practice.

Objectives of the workshops:
. Develop awareness as a spectator, formulate and articulate what you see.
. Experience fundamental concepts from the field of choreography, appropriating methods and tools.
. Discover and deepen one’s choreographic culture: finding context within dance history, identifying the major aesthetic trends.

Registration for the January–May 2021 session ends 4 janvier 2021

Number of participants: 25 maximum
Further information: CCNO
Price for the workshop series: 50 €
Performance series: 38€
Envoyer au CCNO à un courriel précisant les motifs de votre démarche et le cas échéant les incidences de cette
formation dans la mise en oeuvre de ces projets chorégraphiques dans votre établissement ou association.
Address an email to the CCNO at stating the reasons for your application, and if relevant, the impact of this workshop series on implementation of choreographic projects at your institution or association.

Anaïs Loison-Bouvet
In her research, Anaïs Loison-Bouvet questions the way in which the discourses of specialists (journalists, mediators, researchers) influence the experience of contemporary dance spectators. In her doctoral thesis, defended in 2018 at the University of Paris 8 Vincennes - Saint-Denis, she focused in particular on a corpus of choreographic pieces considered “too violent” by dance experts at the time of their initial appearance on stage.

Marion Blondeau
Trained both in France and North Africa, Marion Blondeau combines her role as a choreographer for her own company 3arancia with performing for other stage artists such as Mithkal Alzghair and Phia Ménard. Since 2016, she has been studying the somatic practice fasciapulsology with Florence Augendre.

Mary Chebbah
Working in the field of the performing arts since 1987 (through various collaborations and artistic venues, from stage to backstage, from the Maguy Marin Company to Lieues, via ramdam), since 2005 she has also been creating philo-graphic objects through video and/or printed media (rodeo-revue; incise-revue; …). In parallel, since 2017 she has been working with the Quadrille Editions publication series dançer bringing to light, over several years, a collection of books on dance intended for children and those curious about dance. She also teaches this creative work of transmitting experiencially, for children, at Lieues, and in other organisations for students and other audiences.

Jeanne Vallauri
Dancer-performer from an early age, Jeanne Vallauri studied contemporary dance with Josette Baïz. Stimulated by the graphic arts, including photography, for three years she also studied at Beaux Arts de Marseille. She performed for choreographic companies including M. Kéléménis, G. Appaix, and Ex-Nihilo, before working with Maguy Marin for more than 10 years. She currently creates and tours with Phia Ménard, Jordi Gali and Théâtre Dromesko, and coauthors pieces with Bérengère Valour. In parallel, she directs pedagogical and arts awareness actions for different publics, and is co-developing Lieues, a site for non-disciplinary artistic practice in Lyon. Since 2017, she has overseen the publication series “dançer”, and, in collaboration with Mary Chebbah, designed the book “Signalétique Orchestique” (Orchestral Signage).