Film :
Le Breaking, un art pour tous by Maxime Fleuriot

From Tuesday 2 April to Wednesday 10 July


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A pillar of hip-hop culture born in the United States, breaking is a dance that in the collective imagination is associated with athletic floor movements. In the company of Bruce Chiefare, choreographer and former breaking world champion, we discover the fundamentals of this dance, which for the first time will be included in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. It's an eagerly-awaited premiere that raises questions about the tenuous boundaries between art and sport. It's in the small town of Seynod, near Annecy, facing the mountains and a long way from New York and the big cities, that Bruce Chiefare and his acolytes are introducing around a hundred amateur dancers to breaking, with the aim of taking part in the big parade at the Lyon Dance Biennial. Nine months to prepare, and a determination to distance themselves from the clichés of spectacular performance and refocus on the sharing and exchange inherent in the practice.

A step outside the bubble, a sensitive and benevolent look that resonates like an invitation to dance and exult together!

Children, teenagers, young retirees, so many individual trajectories, so many solitudes that, for the duration of a project, come together and discover each other in a delightful synergy. Through Henry, Fanette, Patrick, Corentin, Christiane, BBoy Virus and so many others, the whole of society, in all its diversity, tells its own story and comes together in this ephemeral and unlikely community.

Director Maxime Fleuriot # Production Next Dance # With the support of ONDA


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    from tuesday 2 april
    to wednesday 10 july 2024

    Le Breaking, un art pour tous de Maxime Fleuriot