Show :
Sous-sol by Arnaud Deprez / Cie Allongé

+ 1st part Street show with BBoys Haiper, Leufleuriste and Fenix

Wednesday 3 April, 3pm

Complexe sportif de la Source

— Free with reservation

In Sous-sol, the first creation by Compagnie Allongé, imagined and choreographed by Arnaud Deprez, the performers move through a world of mineral matter. Like speleologists on a drilling mission on an exoplanet, they move, slide and cross the stage, the space and the floor. Along the way, they explore various terrains, descending to the subsoil and raking through the layers of planetary crust. Little by little, by obsessively probing the depths, crouching, standing on their shoulders or on their stomachs, the geologists melt into the material they are digging up.

Sous-sol is a ground dance ballet, a breaking ballet for six Bboys and Bgirls open to the stage and the floorwork. The dancers fluidly seek to turn the space upside down, to pass beneath the basement. Set to original music created from the sound of the dancers' bodies rubbing against each other at the bottom of a mine, the pictures take the spectator on a discovery of the fundamentals of a style, revisited in turn on several different levels of the universe. The physical gestures of breaking take on a new meaning here, with the emphasis on movements that plough, drill, bore and sand. The moving, organic bodies are transformed between slow motion and lightning flashes, bursts and crumbles. Like crystals in creation, in movement, in fusion, the dancers become matter.

Choregraphy by Arnaud Deprez # Sound design Mathieu Bonnafous # Lighting design Virgile Amour # Styling Harmony Coryn # External view Philippe Almeida # Dancers Nassim Baddag, Lilian Damango, Pacôme de Valence, Alicia Anaïs Fuentes Sifuentes, Guillaume Joly, Anthony Mezence # Coproductions CDLD P.Doussaint GPS&O dans le cadre du dispositif de soutien à la création chorégraphique de la DRAC IDF, La Villette - Initiatives d'Artistes, Les Studios Dyptik – Saint-Etienne


  • Spectacle

    wednesday 3 april 2024

    Complexe sportif de la Source
    Sous-sol by Arnaud Deprez / Cie Allongé