DJ Battle

Maud Le Pladec

Creation 2018

DJ Battle is a short form piece devised by Maud Le Pladec: a dialogue between a DJ and a dancer based on a common object, music. With this “live” DJ-dancer device, Maud Le Pladec intends to disrupt the conventional relationship where music gives impetus to movement, instead also allowing the dancer to guide the “steps” of the DJ. Based on codes, hidden scores and more or less explicit signs provided by choreographer Maud Le Pladec, DJ Battle puts music and dance on equal footing – offering a musical and choreographic “set” that encourages dancing. For the occasion, Maud Le Pladec has invited dancers and choreographers from all horizons to come confront DJ Julien Tiné. Kevin Mischel (break), Alice Liss Funk (waacking), Régis Badel (contemporary), and Maud Le Pladec were the first to take part in this playful and energizing initiative.

Conception and choregraphy Maud Le Pladec # DJ Julien Tiné # Performer Régis Badel # Technique Nicolas Marc

Production Centre chorégraphique national ¾