Leïla Ka

© Nora Houguenade

After a trilogy started with Pode Ser in 2018 and closed with Se faire la belle in 2022 at the Etoile du Nord, Leïla Ka offers her first group piece for five female performers. She personifies, in the bodies of the dancers, the identities hitherto embodied by her alone and transposes, on stage, an evening between girls, while detaching herself from a cinematic imagination that is sometimes a little outdated.

From ancient gynaeciums to Hollywood pyjama parties, Leïla Ka attempts to reveal the freedom offered by these intimate evenings and these exclusively feminine moments of sharing.

With five dancers on stage, Leïla Ka draws inspiration from urban dances and ballroom dances to create a chaotic dramaturgy, a rollercoaster of emotions. Always faithful to her theatrical universe, and to her taste for costumes and lighting, she makes the dancers evolve to music from the common heritage, from classical, electro and variety.

Public opening

Friday September 29, 7 p.m.

at CCN¹

— Admission free, reservation necessary

Choreography Leïla Ka ∎ Interpretation Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann, Jane Fournier Dumet, Leïla Ka, Zoé Lakhnati, Jade Logmo ∎ Choreographic assistant Jane Fournier Dumet ∎ Lighting design Laurent Fallot ∎ Lighting direction Laurent Fallot or Clara Coll Bigot ∎ Delegated production CENTQUATRE-PARIS ∎ Co-production La Garance - Scène nationale de Cavaillon, Théâtre Malakoff – Scène nationale, Théâtre d’Angoulême - Scène nationale, Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar - festival Suresnes Cités Danse 2024, Centre Chorégraphique National ¾ – direction Maud Le Pladec dans le cadre de l’Accueil-studio, Centre Chorégraphique National - Ballet de Lorraine direction Petter Jacobsson dans le cadre de l’Accueil-studio, Les Quinconces et L’Espal - Scène nationale du Mans, Espaces Pluriels – Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national Art et création – Danse de Pau, La Manufacture – CDCN Nouvelle-Aquitaine Bordeaux/La Rochelle, La Passerelle – Scène nationale de Saint-Brieuc, Fondation Royaumont ∎ Financial support Le Quatrain – équipement culturel de Clisson Sèvre et Maine Agglo, Ville de Gouesnou – Centre Henri Queffélec ∎ Patronage Caisse des Dépôts

Leïla Ka
starts dancing in Saint-Nazaire. Interpreter of Maguy Marin in the famous play May B, she draws from this experience a dance theatricality which she integrates into her choreographic research. She created her first piece in 2018, the solo Pode Ser, awarded six times internationally and performed more than 140 times since its creation. With a duo C’est toi qu’on adore (2020), a second solo piece Se faire la belle (2022), and a small form with five performers Bouffées (2022 ), Leïla Ka is currently working on a first group piece, Maldonne, scheduled for November 2023 of which Bouffées is an excerpt. She is today an associated artist at CENTQUATRE-PARIS, at La Garance, scène nationale de Cavaillon, in long-term residency at Espace 1789, approved scene of national interest Art and dance creation of Saint-Ouen and is accompanied by Tremplin, interregional network Grand Ouest + Paris for support for emerging choreographers, until 2024. In 2022, she received the “Choreographic Revelation” prize from the Critics’ Syndicates and won, with Bouffées, first prize in the international Dance Extended competition of the Théâtre de la ville de Paris.


  • Public opening

    friday 29 september 2023

    Maldonne de Leïla Ka